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Accredited manager

Internationally Recognized

The Accredited Manager Program

The Qualifications

Internationally Recognized Qualifications for Managers at levels within the organization

The Learning

Study online by selecting the qualification course(s) for your aspired level of management

The Exams

Register for and take the Online Examination(s) for your selected qualification

The Certification

Graduate with Digital Certification from the Institute of Accredited Managers

Accredited Manager Qualification Levels

Accredited First-Line Manager

The Qualification for entry level managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Credits: 120

Courses: 20

Exam: 1 x 3 hours

Accredited Middle Manager

The qualification for first-line managers entering middle management.

Credits: 120

Courses: 20

Exam: 1 x 3 hours

Accredited Senior Manager

The leading qualification for managers planning to enter senior management roles.

Credits: 120

Courses: 20

Exam: 1 x 3 hours

Accredited Executive Manager

Postgraduate qualification for senior managers entering executive (C-level) positions.

Credits: 120

Courses: 15

Exam: 1 x 3 hours

Internationally Recognized Certification

Managing Employee Development

Program Content

All programs comprise courses within the following categories.

  • Principles of Management
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Human Resources Management

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