Certificate in International Business

The Global CERTIFICATE IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROGRAM is designed to enable experienced senior managers, to acquire an in-depth understanding of the principles of international marketing, international finance, and international business development.
Certificate in International Business



Internationalization is a critical dimension for any growing business today. As a senior executive seeking to grow your enterprise, it is vital that you and your team have knowledge of international finance and business development to enable global expansion.

The Global CERTIFICATE IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PROGRAM is designed to enable experienced senior managers,  to acquire an in depth understanding of the core principles of international marketing, international finance, and international business development.

The program comprises 5 comprehensive Level 6 and 7 courses developed for seniormanagers from both commercial and public-sector organizations.


The program is delivered through:

  • Online Learning through the Global E-Learning Portal (participants have access to the portal for 6 months from the date of registration).
  • Assessment comprising short on-line quizzes for each course. No formal written assessment is required.
  • Participants must complete all 5 of the courses in the program to qualify for the certificate.
  • Each course takes approximately 20 hours to complete.
  • Tutor Support is available through email, web conferencing and phone, throughout your program.


When you enrol in a Global course, you get immediate access to our E-Learning Portal. Online courses contain:

  • Online presentations
  • Online quizzes
  • Online self-assessments
  • Online Case Studies
  • Online videos
  • Downloadable learning manual (100 pages +) / workbooks / additional articles and Excel worksheets.


The courses in this program include:

Course 1: Understanding International Business

  • Getting Started
  • Defining International Business
  • Forms of International Busies
  • Globalization
  • Key Actors in International Business
  • International Trade and Investment
  • Political and Legal Considerations
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • The Global Financial System
  • The Foreign Exchange System
  • Ethics and International Business
  • Wrapping-up

Course 2: Economics for Business

  • Getting Started
  • Understanding Economics
  • Understanding Supply and demand
  • Elasticity of Demand
  • Consumer Choices
  • Perfect Competition
  • Monopolies
  • Monopolistic Competition
  • Oligopolies
  • Wrapping-up

Course 3: International Marketing

  • Getting Started
  • The Global Marketing Environment
  • Researching International Markets
  • Global Market Opportunity Assessment
  • International Expansion Entry Modes
  • CAGE Analysis
  • Competing through Distribution and Supply Chains
  • Standardized or Customer products
  • The Global Marketing Mix
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Consumer behaviour in International Markets
  • Wrapping-up

Course 4: International Finance

  • Getting Started
  • The International Economy
  • GDP Unemployment and Inflation
  • Exchange Rate regimes & Trade Balances
  • Business Cycles
  • Foreign Exchange Markets
  • Interest rate determination
  • Money market
  • Money Supply
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Accounting in International Business
  • Finance Options for International Business
  • Financial Management in International Business
  • Moving Money Across Borders
  • Wrapping-up

Course 5: International Business Development

  • Getting Started
  • Developing a Global Strategy
  • Foreign Market Entry
  • Industry and Competition
  • Global Sourcing and Distribution
  • Global production and Supply Chain
  • Capabilities for International Business
  • Organizations and Structures for Trade
  • Global Innovation
  • Organizing for International Development
  • Knowledge and Collaboration
  • International Alliances and Collaboration
  • Wrapping-up


There are no formal entry requirements for this program. Candidates will normally be working as a senior manager.


Learners have 6 months from the date of enrolment to complete the Certificate Program.


Assessment in this program takes the form of Online-quizzes (normally 3 in each course). Each quiz has a pass mark of 70% and you can take the quizzes as many times as you wish.


  • You get a Management Certificate which is recognized worldwide.
  • All Global courses are iPad and Mobile device compatible
  • You get real value for money (E-learning costs a fraction of conventional learning).
  • You can get started immediately.
  • You can learn at your own pace, at home, at work, in the park, anywhere you choose.
  • You will have excellent support from a dedicated coach throughout the program.

CERTIFICATION: Global Management Academy Parchment Certificate (mailed)

DELIVERY: On-line with email, skype and phone support as required.

RESOURCES: Downloadable Learners manuals for each course, additional articles, workbooks, and worksheets.


Candidates can elect to upgrade their Global Certificate to an ILM qualification by completing written assignments for each of the courses in the program. Contact us for more information.

Payments options are available at checkout.

Payment Path At Checkout Monthly
Pay in Full £ 399.00 - - £ 399.00
4 Monthly Payments £ 103.74 £ 103.74 x 3 £ 414.96

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Certificate in International Business


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