Developing a Marketing Plan

The Global Marketing Planning course is designed to enable you to create a fully viable 3 year marketing plan with detailed marketing strategy, marketing tactics (the 4 P’s), marketing budgets, and action items to help you grow your business.
Developing a Marketing Plan




Marketing Plans are vital to creating a successful business. Why then, do so many businesses, set about business development and marketing without a coherent plan, without specific numbers and targets? We guess it is because it is placed in the too hard box, and does not attract the glamour of PR and branding. Yet, without a marketing plan, businesses are at risk of wasting a great deal of money, and worse, missing their targets completely.

The Global Marketing Planning course is designed to enable you to create a solid marketing strategy and generate numbers and action items to help you make your strategy real.

This course follows on from the first two courses in the program, and is the culmination of the groundwork done in the Global Market Assessment and Customer Assessments courses. In this course, you will apply the information you have acquired and framed about your markets, customers and opportunity portfolio, to the development of a strong marketing strategy.

You will use this strategy to develop marketing tactics - the 4 p's (product positioning, pricing strategies, place - distribution channels, and promotion - public relations, branding and advertising tactics), set realistic sales targets, and set and get support for your marketing budget.

The product of this course will be a fully viable 3 marketing plan, which you can use grow your business, and gather support from your stakeholders, whether senior managers or investors.
Course Content
The content of this course include:

  • Business Situation, Vision and Mission
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy and Objectives
  • Product Marketing Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Promotional Strategy
  • Customer (Channel) Management Strategy
  • Sales Targets
  • Sales Operational Management
  • Marketing Budgets
  • Action planning

Suitable For: Business owners, Business Managers, Planning coordinators
Course Duration: 10 Hours
Certification: Certificate of Attainment
Delivery: On-line
Resources: Learners manual, Planning templates, Presentation templates, Financials Workbooks, additional articles and worksheets.

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