ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management

Select any 6 or 7 courses from 40+ level 3 and level 4 ILM courses to create the Certificate Program which provides the best foundation for your career as a successful 1st Line Manager.
ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management



The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management is a comprehensive qualification providing a strong foundation for a career in management.You will acquire the skills and knowledge to manage with confidence in all front-line management situations.


Global Management Academy is an Approved Center for the delivery of programs from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

The ILM is part of the City and Guilds Group, and is the largest Management Training Certification Body in Europe. 90,000 managers receive ILM certification annually. The ILM provides clients with an assurance of quality in the design and delivery of all Endorsed Programs.


The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management program is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Newly appointed supervisors who require training and support in the principles of effective leadership and management;
  • Aspiring team members seeking skills to support their career development plans;
  • Junior managers and supervisors, who need to enhance their knowledge and skills to improve personal performance, and better meet the demands of the organization and their jobs.
  • Managers in both the commercial and public sectors.


Get your career in management off to a great start. Select 6 to 7 couses from the list below:

  • 8605-300 Solving Problems and Making Decisions (2 credits)
  • 8605-301 Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation (2 credits)
  • 8605-302 Planning Change in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-303 Planning and Allocating Work (2 credits)
  • 8605-304 Writing for Business (1 credit)
  • 8605-305 Contributing to innovation and creativity in the workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-306 Understanding Customer Service Standards and Requirements (2 credits)
  • 8605-307 Giving Briefings and Making Presentations (2 credits)
  • 8605-308 Understanding Leadership (2 credits)
  • 8605-309 Understand How to Establish an Effective Team (1 credit)
  • 8605-310 Understanding How to Motivate to Improve Performance (2 credits)
  • 8605-311 Developing Yourself and Others (2 credits)
  • 8605-312 Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-313 Understanding Stress Management in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-317 Understanding Training and Coaching in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-318 Understanding Quality Management in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-319 Understanding Organising and Delegating in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-320 Managing Workplace Projects (2 credits)
  • 8605-323 Understand Performance Management (2 credits)
  • 8605-324 Understanding Costs and Budgets in an Organisation (1 credit)
  • 8605-326 Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-327 Understanding Negotiation and Networking in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-328 Understand How to Lead Effective Meetings (2 credits)
  • 8605-330 Understanding Marketing for Managers (1 credit)
  • 8605-339 Understanding Good Practice in Workplace Coaching (2 credits)
  • 8605-341 Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively (2 credits)
  • 8605-400 Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance (4 credits)
  • 8605-401 Planning and Leading a Complex Team Activity (4 credits)
  • 8605-403 Managing Risk in the Workplace (3 credits)
  • 8605-404 Delegating Authority in the Workplace (3 credits)
  • 8605-405 Developing People in the Workplace (5 credits)
  • 8605-406 Developing Your Leadership Styles (4 credits)
  • 8605-407 Understanding Financial Management (3 credits)
  • 8605-408 Management Communication (4 credits)
  • 8605-409 Managing Personal Development (15 credits) (Diploma only)
  • 8605-412 Managing Meetings (3 credits)
  • 8605-413 Managing Marketing Activities (3 credits)
  • 8605-415 Motivating People in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-416 Solving Problems by Making Effective Decisions in the Workplace (3 credits)
  • 8605-417 Managing and Implementing Change in the Workplace (6 credits)
  • 8605-420 Budgetary Planning and Control (3 credits)
  • 8605-421 Interpreting Financial Statements to assess Organisational Performance using ratios (3 credits)
  • 8605-422 Understanding the Importance of Marketing for an Organisation (4 credits)
  • 8605-427 Developing a Culture to Support Innovation and Improvement (3 credits)



There are no formal entry requirements but participants will normally be practicing or aspiring first line managers with the opportunity to meet the assessment demands and have a background that will enable them to benefit from the program.

Candidates can progress from the Award to the Certificate. Additional fees apply (including an ILM top-up registration fee).


Learners are free to complete the ILM Award and Certificate programs at their own pace. However, the Award in Leadership and  Management must be completed within 12 months from the date of enrolment. You will need to set aside about 6 hours per week to complete this program in 4 months.

The assessments required for the program are one Work-based assignments, or written reports for each Unit.


Enrollment in the ILM is included in your course fee (at a cost of £121), which gives you access to an extensive online library of learning resources.


  1. You get a Great Management Qualification which is recognized worldwide.
  2. You get real value for money (E-learning costs a fraction of conventional learning).
  3. You can get started immediately.
  4. You can learn at your own pace, at home, at work, in the park, anywhere you choose.
  5. You will have excellent support from a dedicated coach throughout the program.

CERTIFICATION: ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management

DELIVERY: On-line with email, skype and phone support as required.

RESOURCES: Downloadable Learners manuals for each course, additional articles, workbooks and and worksheets.

Payments options are available at checkout.

Payment Path At Checkout Monthly
Pay in Full £ 730.00 - - £ 730.00
4 Monthly Payments £ 189.80 £ 189.80 x 3 £ 759.20
6 Monthly Payments £ 128.97 £ 128.97 x 5 £ 773.82


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