ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management

The ILM Level 7 Certificate is a highly respected concise post graduate management qualification, designed to equip senior managers with the strategic leadership knowledge and skills to lead at a senior executive level.
ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management



The Global ILM Level 7 Certificate is a highly respected post graduate vocational management qualification, designed to equip senior managers with the strategic leadership knowledge and skills to lead at a senuor executive level.

The Certificate program comprises 1 unit leading to 20 credits, roughly equivalent to the 1/8 of a Masters or MBA program in the United Kingdom qualifications and credits framework.

Who is this Program for?

The Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management is designed for practicing senior managers and those planning entry into executive management roles (Director, CFO, CIO, Vice President and CEO).

  • The ILM Level 7 Certificate offers participants significant personal development opportunities:
  • A prestigious nationally recognized post graduate qualification in leadership and management.
  • The acquisition of knowledge and skills with which to successfully take on a senior executive role in a major organization.
  • Potential for progression opportunities into further qualifications, counting as 20 credits (normally one eigth) of a master’s degree.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are required have at least 3 years middle to senior management experience and/or to have acquired qualifications equivalent to a level 6 (graduate level) in relevant discipline. Non-native speakers of English are required to have a language Level of IELTs 6.5+.


The Level 7 Cerytificate in Leadership and Management program comprises the following courses:

Developing Leadership and Management Capability through Enquiry (20 credits)

  • Course 1: Understanding Executive Leadership
  • Course 2: Assessing leadership Capability and Performance
  • Course 3: Research Skills for Managers


Candidates for the Certificate program will be required to produce 1 written assignment of approximately 5000 words.

The Assignmentswill be based on the application of an enquiry-based methodology and will require the candidate to conduct structured and rigorous research within their own organization and of their personal capabilities using valid and reliable analytical tools.

Assignment guides and templates are provided for the course. You will also be able participant in community forums to discuss aspects of your work-based research and assignment preparation.

You can expect to spend up to 80 hours on research and writing your assignment.


The Program duration is 4 months. You will need to set aside approximately 200 hours (including assignment preparation and write-up) to complete the Certificate Qualification. This means, you should anticipate setting aside approximately 10 to 16 hours per week.

Candidates will have 6 months to complete the qualification, Extensions may be possible on request.


Enquiry-based Learning

Enquiry-based learning is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems, or scenarios—rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge

The ILM Level 7 program combines strategic, organizational and business management theory with engagement in targeted applied research activities in the candidate’s place of work. Therefore, for each unit of study, candidates will be required to conducted structured research into aspects of personal and organizational performance and apply the resulting data and findings to develop coherent improvement proposals and associated implementation plans.

Candidate’s will be assessed on the quality of the applied research carried out and the associated reporting of process, the results, and interpretation.

The Global E-Learning Portal

When you enrol in a Global course, you get immediate access to our E-Learning Portal. Online courses contain:

  • Online presentations
  • Online quizzes
  • Online self-assessments
  • Online Case Studies
  • Online videos
  • Downloadable learning manual (60 pages +) / workbooks / additional articles and Excel worksheets


All online courses will also comprise at least 3 live sessions (webinars) focusing on specific topics covered in the online course.

Community Forums

Community Forums will be set up for each unit. Forums are set-up online and will comprise several directed sessions and informal peer-based discussions and information sharing related to the enquire based activities being undertaken.


You will have the support of a dedicated Global Tutor throughout your program. Your Global Tutor will contact you immediately on enrolment, and will work through the Induction and the learning journey with you, explaining the learning process, and resources and support available. Your Tutor will provide continuous support through email and phone.


On successful completion of the assessment, candidate will be awarde the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management (20 credits).

Payments options are available at checkout.

Payment Path At Checkout Monthly
Pay in Full £ 1,750.00 - - £ 1,750.00
4 Monthly Payments £ 455.00 £ 455.00 x 3 £ 1,820.00
6 Monthly Payments £ 309.17 £ 309.17 x 5 £ 1,855.02
12 Monthly Payments £ 157.50 £ 157.50 x 11 £ 1,890.00


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