Leading your Work Team

This course is designed for new team leaders, and provides an introduction to the skills you will need in order to effectively lead a team at work, including building team commitment and motivating and guiding your team to achieve department objectives.
Leading your Work Team



As a new team leader, you will have the opportunity to begin your career in managing people. Taking management decsions and leading your team can be challenging, and will require you to both movate and inspire, but also to control the activities of the team.

In this course, you will learn about the characetristics of effective teams, and the charetcetristics of an effective team leader. You will learn how to plan the work of the team, assig work to team members, monitor and give feedback and generally control the activities of the team.

You will also learn some important technqiues for motivating your team, and in helping them in carrying out their work effectively.

Oftentimes, there will be conflict in teams, and the team leader will be required to both control conflict and mnimize the potential for conflict. You will learn techniques to deal with conflict, and to effectively solve problems between team members.


The content of the course includes:

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2: Understanding Teams
  • Unit 3: Understanding Team Roles
  • Unit 4: Becoming a Team Leader
  • Unit 5: Understanding Leadership Styles
  • Unit 6: Motivating your Team
  • Unit 7: Setting Goals, Objectives and Targets
  • Unit 8: Delegating Work Effectively
  • Unit 9: Controlling Work
  • Unit 10: Coping with Conflict at Work
  • Unit 11: Understanding Change
  • Unit 12: Wrapping up


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  • Online quizzes
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  • Downloadable learning manual / workbooks / templates/ articles (manuals contain between 60 and 100 pages)
  • Continuous Tutor support throughout the course

Suitable For: Supervisors and Managers

Course Duration: 8-10 Hours

Course Access Duration: You will have access to your course for 90 days from date of purchase

Certification: Completion Certificate

Delivery: On-line

Resources: Comprehensive Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets

ILM Equivalence: 8620-203 – Principles of Team Leading(5 Credits)

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