Postgraduate Diploma – MBA Advanced Entry

Combining Executive Leadership Development and targeted organizational research projects, the GMA Postgraduate Diploma Program provides entry into the final semester of MBA DEGREE QUALIFICATIONS at leading U.K. and International universities.
Postgraduate Diploma – MBA Advanced Entry



Combining Executive Leadership Development and targeted organizational research projects, the GMA Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic  Management (offered in collaboration with leading UK universities) provides busy managers, with advanced entry (up to 2/3 credits) into MBA degree programs at leading UK and International Universities.

On completion of the program, you will receive the OFQUAL accredited ATHE (Awards for Technical and Higher Education) Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (120 credits)


Global Management Academy is an Approved Center for the delivery of programs from the ATHE and many other OFQUAL accredited awarding bodies in the United Kingdom.

GMA has offices around the world, specializing in online leadership and managment education. GMA also has strategic alliances leading international universities, and offers pathway qualifications accepted for advanced credit entry into Masters Degree Programs with leading universites (see list below).


The content of this Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma program has been carefully chosen to provide experienced and aspiring senior managers with the knowledge base and skills to enter and excel in strategic leadership roles in major corporations worldwide.

The Program combines a number of 'mandatory units', and 'elective units' and candidates are required to complete a minimum of 8 units, and a minimum of 120 credits. The units are listed below:


  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR LEADERSHIP AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - In this module learners develop and in depth understanding of the leadership behaviors which can help shape the framing and commitment to the organizational vision and strategic direction, and develop their personal leadership and management skills to deliver on the strategic agenda of the organization.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR  - In this module, learners will develop an understanding of how organizational behaviour, structure, culture, motivation, creativity and leadership impact on an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING - In this module, managers will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to develop a strategic plan providing the foundation for cascade strategic business plans across the organization.
  • FINANCE FOR STRATEGIC MANAGERS - In this module, managers will develop knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable them to analyze internal and publicly available financial information, to enable informed strategic decision making.
  • RESEARCH FOR STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT - In this module, managers will develop the knowledge and skills with which to plan, implement and present the findings of a structured research project in strategic business development for an organization.


  • INTERNATIONAL FINANCE - In this module learners will gain an understanding of the functioning of international financial markets, and learn how to analyze the role of these markets creating opportunities and risks for organizations, especially those operating in a multinational context.
  • STRATEGIC MARKETING - In this module, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to analyze the markets and competitive environment to develop the marketing strategy for organizations and align and enable such strategy to enable realization of the  organization’s strategic priorities.
  • DEVELOPING ORGANIZATION VISION AND STRATEGIC DIRECTION - In this module, learners will develop the knowledge and skills with which to analyze the business environment to help frame and build consensus around a unique and transformative vision and strategic direction for the organization.
  • STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - In this module, learners will acquire an in depth understanding of contemporary HRM theory, and develop the knowledge and skills with to inform and articulate the human resources management strategy for an organization.
  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT - The unit will enable learners to explore the changing international business environment and develop knowledge and understanding of how organizations respond. Learners will gain experience in assessing strategic options and making appropriate recommendations.
  • INTERNATIONAL MARKETING - This unit enables learners to understand the requirements of international marketing, in particular, the financial considerations to be taken into account in entering and operating in international markets. Learners will also be able to develop an international marketing strategy and understand the implications and requirements of international marketing communications.
  • STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - The aim of this unit is to help learners acquire knowledge an understanding of human resource management strategy and its impact on the efficiency of an organization. You will learn how to analyze the organizational context and identify a strategic approach to human resources management and development which will enable the organization to meet its strategic business priorities.
  • MANAGING CONTINUOUS ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT - This unit enables learners to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to create a culture of continuous improvement in an organization. The learners will have the opportunity to develop the skills required to plan business improvement and lead organizational change.
  • CORPORATE COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES - This unit will enable learners to develop knowledge and understanding of the importance of corporate communications and the link with corporate objectives. Learners will have the opportunity to develop skills in auditing corporate communications and planning a corporate communication strategy.


Candidates are required to have completed a first degree and / or management qualification at Level 6 or above, and have at least 3 years middle management experience.

Candidates with a first language other than English require IELTS Level 6 or equivalent.

Entry to the MBA Top-up component requires a Pass in the Level 7 Extended Diploma.


Each course in the program will take approximately 100 hours to complete. Learners will have 12 months from the date of enrolment to complete the program (extensions may be avilable on request).


The program is conducted part time over 2 years, and delivered through:

  • Online Learning through the Global E-Learning Portal
  • Webinars and 1-2-1 web tutorials.
  • Virtual Community Learning and networking.
  • Attendance at the university of choice, or online (contact us for programs in your region).
  • Duration: Part 1 of your program can be completed in 12 months, and will require a personal commitment of approximately 12 hours per week. Part 2 of the  program requires attendance at a number of Ulster University Global workshops and can be completed in 9 to 12 months.
  • Tutor Support is available through email, web conferencing and phone, throughout your program.


When you enrol in a Global course, you get immediate access to our Postgraduate E-Learning Portal. All Global Online courses contain:

  • Online presentations
  • Online quizzes
  • Online self-assessments
  • Online Case Studies
  • Online videos
  • Downloadable learning manual (100 pages +) / workbooks / additional articles and Excel worksheets


Candidates are required to complete written evidence-based assignments for each course of approximately 5000 to 8000 words, underpinned by the theoretical frameworks contained in the courses. A final Business Research project (for the MBA top-up) will normally require completion of an assignment of 10,000 words.


On successful completion of the program, participants receive the LEVEL 7 EXTENDED DIPLOMA IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (OFQUAL accredited).


On successful completion of Global Postraduate Diploma, you will receive the ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management. The Level 7 Extended Diploma is accepted for entry to MBA and Master's Programs at the following universities in the U.K, Ireland and the United States.

GMA partners with the following UK Universities for the MBA Top-up:

  • University of Gloucestershire (UK Attendance)
  • University of Sunderland (UK Attendance)
  • University of Bolton (UK Attendance)
  • University of Portsmouth (MA - UK Attendance)
  • Ulster University (UK Attendance)
  • Arden University (online)
  • Northampton University (online)
  • Northwood University, Michigan, US

Please contact us for specfic details on entry into these universities.

Payments options are available at checkout.

Payment Path At Checkout Monthly
Pay in Full £ 2,950.00 - - £ 2,950.00
4 Monthly Payments £ 767.00 £ 767.00 x 3 £ 3,068.00
6 Monthly Payments £ 521.17 £ 521.17 x 5 £ 3,127.02
12 Monthly Payments £ 265.50 £ 265.50 x 11 £ 3,186.00


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