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Leadership truly matters! In challenging times like those we face today, we can see that decisive, informed, and compassionate leadership inspires, motivates, and empowers people to give more and achieve more for their organization, their community and for themselves. Global Management Academy provides managers at all levels with the knowledge and guidance with which to develop their career in leadership and management, and to demonstrate their proficiency with Europe’s leading management qualifications from the ILM.

Explore ILM courses by level:

ILM Level 3 Qualifications are designed for newly appointed or aspiring FIRST-LINE MANAGERS (supervisors, team leaders). seeking to acquire formal leadership and management qualifications, to help advance their career in management.

ILM Level 4 Qualifications are designed for new and aspiring MIDDLE MANAGERS, including departments heads and project managers. Learners will develop a sound base of business and management knowledge, and develop their skills with which to lead people with confidence.

ILM Level 5 qualifications are designed for EXPERIENCED MIDDLE MANAGERS including regional managers, general managers and department heads. Courses in this program help managers enhance their knowledge and skills to enter more SENIOR MANAGEMENT roles.

ILM Level 7 Qualifications are post graduate level qualifications designed for experienced middle and senior managers planning to, or already working in a SENIOR EXECUTIVE role (CIO, CEO, CFO, Director etc..).

Why study for an ILM Qualification with Global Management Academy?


The ILM are the UK’s leading provider of leadership and management education, with more than 90,000 managers and leaders graduating with ILM qualifications worldwide every year.

Global ILM

Global Management Academy is the leading provider of online ILM courses in the world, with more than one hundred ILM courses and 30+ ILM qualifications available to choose from.


ILM Qualifications enhance employability. Research indicates that 93% of employers see a marked increase in their managers’ abilities after they complete an ILM qualification.


Qualifications can be achieved at Award, Certificate or Diploma status, depending on the amount of Credits gained at that level. Credits can be carried forward between qualifications and between levels.

Career Pathway

ILM qualifications are available at all levels of management from team leader to C-Level Management. ILM qualifications support managers throughout their career pathways.

Best ELearning

Global courses are genuinely online, with a rich provision of both online and offline learning resources, and continuous support from our highly qualified tutors. This is why students from all around the world chose to study online with Global Management Academy.

Selecting the Right ILM Qualification

Global offers ILM Qualifications at all levels. The guidelines below will help you select the right ILM level for your career. We suggest you discuss this with your Global consultant, and / or with your Training or HR manager.

  • Level 3 – Select this level if you are new to a first line management role, or hoping to enter a first line management role (supervisor | first line manager | Junior Manager).
  • Level 4 – Select this level if you are new to a middle management role, or hoping to enter a middle management role (project leader| department manager | superintendent)
  • Level 5 – Select this level if you are an experienced middle manager preparing to enter a senior management role (business unit manager | general manager |director)
  • Level 7 – Select this level if you are an experienced senior manager or preparing to enter a senior executive role (CEO | CFO | CIO | Director)

Explore our most popular ILM courses:

ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management
£ 2,950.00
ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management
£ 1,200.00
ILM Level 4 Certificate in leadership and Management
£ 730.00

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