Global Professional Development Courses

At Global Management Academy , we first ask you to select the level of management you are working in, or are hoping to enter. We then ask you to choose a program relating to your area of specialization, such as Financial Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, or General Management. You can then choose a Certificate or Diploma Program which best meets your needs

Explore online professional development courses by level:

Workplace Coaching

Learning Pathways for individuals new to management, or planning to enter a First Line Management position (team leader, supervisors etc..).

Certificate in Operations Management

Learning Pathways for experienced first-line managers entering Middle Management positions (operations managers, superintendents, department heads etc.).

Certificate in Business Leadership

Learning Pathways for experienced Middle Managers preparing to enter Senior Management Roles (General Manager, Regional Manager, Division Manager etc..)

Mastering Leadership

Learning Pathways for experienced senior managers preparing to enter Senior Executive roles (CIO, CEO, CFO, Managing Director etc..).

Upgrading to a Qualification

All our Professional Development Pathway courses can be upgraded to a qualification, such as an ILM Vocational Management Qualification, or an Academic Pathway Qualification for university admission. Note: Qualifications require completion of written assignments. Just contact your personal tutor if you would like to upgrade to  qualification.

Certificate, Diploma, or Mini-MBA?

Our Certificate Programs normally comprise 5 courses and 100 hours of learning. Our Diploma Programs will normally comprise between 10 and 12 courses and will take between 200 and 250 hours to complete. All Certificate and Diploma programs can be upgraded to either: An ILM qualification, or A Diploma in Business Management (ATHE) enabling university entry

Our Mini-MBA Programs are offered exclusively at Executive Level and comprise 5 courses. Mini-MBA programs take between 120 and 15 hours to complete, and can be upgraded to a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic management (ATHE) forming 60 credits towards an MBA degree with our partner universities.

Why study with Global Management Academy?

Best Practice E-Learning

Global courses use best practice e-learning technologies and can be viewed on any device. Global courses also come with downloadable learning manuals, case studies and workbooks.

Accredited Qualifications

Global Management Academy is an accredited center for internationally recognized award bodies. All Global courses can be upgraded to a qualification at any time.

Flexible and Affordable Payment

Global Management Academy offers an affordable alternative to conventional attendance based learning. Learners can also select one of our flexible monthly payment options to meet their needs.

Explore our most popular courses:

ILM Level 3 Award (Effective Supervision)
£ 730.00
Global Certificate in Executive Leadership
£ 299.00
Global Certificate in Sales Management
£ 299.00
Global Certificate in Marketing Management
£ 299.00

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