Sales & Marketing Online Courses

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This course provides training and a framework for managing business negotiations; how to plan for and control the stages of a negotiation, and gain the outcomes you seek without confrontation.

£ 79.00

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In this course, you will learn how to develop a plan for a sales campaign which will enable you to mobilize and direct your sales team to acheive and exceed their individual sales targets and incentives.

£ 59.00

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The Global Marketing Planning course is designed to enable you to create a fully viable 3 year marketing plan with detailed marketing strategy, marketing tactics (the 4 P’s), marketing budgets, and action items to help you grow your business.

£ 89.00

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This course is designed for businesses of all sizes, and for those starting out in sales, or for team leaders seeking to develop their sales skills. You will learn how to make effective sales calls, handle buyer objections and close deals successfully.

£ 79.00

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This course provides managers with a sound understanding of the key elements of researching and profiling a market, determining the marketing mix, analyzing and defining a target market and planning and implementing marketing strategies.

£ 79.00