ILM Qualifications 3

ILM Qualifications 3

ILM Qualifications

Transform your career with a qualification from the ILM - the leading management awards authority in Europe.

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ILM Level 3

ILM Level 3 Qualifications are designed for newly appointed or aspiring FIRST-LINE MANAGERS (supervisors, team leaders). seeking to acquire formal leadership and management qualifications, to help advance their career in management.

ILM Level 4

LM Level 4 Qualifications are designed for new and aspiring MIDDLE MANAGERS, including departments heads and project managers. Learners will develop a sound base of business and management knowledge, and develop their skills with which to lead people with confidence.

ILM Level 5 Qualifications

ILM Level 5 qualifications are designed for EXPERIENCED MIDDLE MANAGERS including regional managers, general managers and department heads. Courses in this program help managers enhance their knowledge and skills to enter more SENIOR MANAGEMENT roles.

ILM Level 7

ILM Level 7 Qualifications are post graduate level qualifications designed for experienced middle and senior managers planning to, or already working in a SENIOR EXECUTIVE role (CIO, CEO, CFO, Director etc..).

First Line Managers

Select this level if you are a new to management, or entering a team leader or supervisory role

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Middle Managers

Select this level if you are an experienced first line manager and seeking promotion.

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Senior Managers

Select this level if you are an experienced middle manager and seeking promotion to a higher role.

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Sn. Executive Managers

Select this level if you are an highly experienced middle manager seeking to enter a senior executive role.

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ILM Level 3 (for First Line Managers)ILM Level 4 (for Middle Managers)ILM Level 5 (for Senior Managers)ILM Level 7 (for Sn. Executive Managers)

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