Uni Qualifications

Uni Qualifications

Uni Pathways

Join one of the GMA Uni Pathway programs leading to Bachelor's and Masters degrees in Business and Management.

MBA Pathway

Ulster University - GMA Masters in Business Administration Pathway program - realizing your potential in senior leadership.

Intl. BSc Pathway

Join our BSc pathway programs to gain entry to the final year of BSc Degree programs in  Ireland, Australia, The USA and Canada.

U.K. BSc Pathway

BSc in Business and Management Pathway Programs developed in collaboration with some of the U.K's leading universities.

MBA Pathway

The Ulster University – GMA MBA Program provides busy senior managers with the skill-set and knowledge-base to enter and excel in strategic leadership roles in major corporations worldwide.

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BSc in Business and Management Pathway

Gain direct entry into the final year of a BSc Degree program in Business and management from a number of UK universities by completing our Level 5 qualification programs (ATHE) .

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